Sentinel-2 Red Edge Position (S2REP)

The S2 Red Edge Position results from the following equation: S2REP = 705 + 35*( (Red+ VNIR3)/2 - VNIR) / (VNIR2-VNIR) using Sentinel-2 Bands 4 (Red), 5 (VNIR), 6 (VNIR2) Band 7 (VNIR3). S2REP is sensitive to both (crop) chlorophyll content and growth status. Generally, the higher the S2REP value, the higher is the chlorophyll content.

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Tags: Sentinel-2, SNAP, Index, Red Edge

Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This product is based on the open and free software suit Sentinel-2 Toolbox. Relevant citation: Guyot, G., & Baret, F., 4th International Colloquium “Spectral signatures of objects in remote sensing”, p.279 (1988)