The Food Security TEP Early Adopter Program (until 2019)

The Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform is developed and managed by a team of research institutes and companies receiving funding from the European Space Agency (ESA). After one year of initial development, the platform became publicly available in Q2 2018 and was providing pre-operational services to its users until the end of 2019 accommodated by ESA. Users of the Food Security TEP during the pre-operational phase are referred to as ‘Early Adopters’ and received sponsoring from ESA for conducting their initial project.

How to become an Early Adopter (outdated)

Fill in this Request Form (please log in using "ESA EO Single-Sign-On" to download the form) and send this entire document as an email attachment to

To define the proposed activities on the Food Security TEP, applicants will provide information on:

  • Generalities: provide the name of the institution(s) and points of contact
  • Summary of use case: describe the use case
  • Areas of interest: list the areas of interest for the project
  • What EO data collections are needed i.e. the sensor, the type of EO data product, areas of interest and the time span of the data collection.
  • What processing services will be eventually used (service available on the Food Security TEP) and/or which services will be integrated by the user as Docker containers. (Note that it is not guaranteed that any functionality needed by a user’s service can be provided by the platform. If in doubt, please contact us by email at )
  • The amount of processing resources you foresee using during your activities.
  • What EO based results (type of product or measurement) will be produced.
  • The approximate time period during which it is intended to use the platform.

 “Early Adopters” will receive a certain number of TEP coins to be spent on the Food Security TEP, which should be sufficient to carry out the activity they are presenting. In fact, EO products, services and data storage have a cost which is charged to users in the form of TEP coins. The amount of TEP coins Early Adopters will receive will be ultimately determined by European Space Agency (ESA) officials taking into account the use case presented and the availability of remaining funds.

Note that EO products and services operationally provided to users (incl. Early Adopters) by EO service providers on the Food Security TEP will have a fixed cost for the respective users, while the actual costs for processing of these services and storage of EO products in product collections will be charged to the EO service provider. Note that storage of products and uploaded data in a user’s private space will be charged to the user based on consumed storage.

Obligations of Early Adopters

Persons or organizations receiving support for carrying out their project on the Food Security TEP are expected to:

  • Provide a web story that will be published on the Food Security TEP web site and shall be promoted via Twitter, the Food Security TEP blog and relevant ESA websites
  • Fill out a User Feedback Questionnaire provided by the platform operators
  • Share a service and/or data sets resulting from their work on the platform with the FS-TEP community and interact with other members of the community e.g. via the Food Security TEP User Forums[1].

Finally, users will be asked to give us their permission to be listed on our web site as an Early Adopter, so that other users can contact them either via email (if they permit that option) or the User Forums.


[1] Note that the publication of commercial services on the platform during or after the sponsored test phase will require additional agreements between the service provider and the Food Security TEP.