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Forum open to users with EO-SSO account

As we are approaching the first release of the Food Security Platform, the login to post in our forums and to access the upcoming Food Security TEP has been implemented using the operational ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On EO-SSO (https://eo-sso-idp.eo.esa.int).

If you have successfully registered to EO-SSO, you can login to post in our forums using the 'Log in' option in the main menu of our forums. 

Access to the Beta-Version of the portal itself will be granted to selected users only, but stay tuned for more information on upcoming public releases and open user workshops!

Restart of the forum services
During the preoperations phase, most support issues and qustions were answered directly or via the internal Redmine tool. From October 2019, Food Security TEP users are asked to post their more generic questions or issues in these forums. Please feel free to add new topics and post your questions. They should be answered usually within 24 hours. Yours, The Food Security TEP Support Team
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