5.1 About the FS-TEP API

FS-TEP exposes a REST API that allows users to programmatically access the functionalities of the Platform.

Usage of the API is restricted to non administrative users (with roles USER or EXPERT_USER)

5.2 Obtaining an API Key

The API Key management functions can be accessed through the "My Account" page of the FS-TEP Main Platform Interface.

5.3 Online API documentation

The available API functions are visible in the HAL Browser accessible at https://foodsecurity-tep.net/secure/api/v2.0/


5.4 Using the API

The FS-TEP API endpoint is https://foodsecurity-tep.net/secure/api/v2.0

To make a call to an API resource, a Basic Authorization Header must be provided containing the API key. This header has the canonical form

"Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:apikey> combination"

Example: Get a list of the user jobs

The following curl command will return a JSON description of the processing jobs visible by the user:

curl -H "Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:apikey>" https://foodsecurity-tep.net/secure/api/v2.0/jobs