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New Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 services available

Since end of June, four new services have been added to the platform and are publicly available. To provide more possibilities for developers to build upon pre-processed data, we added Sentinel-1 Backscatter Amplitude and Temporal Coherence services based on standard, configurable ESA Toolbox workflows.. Furthermore, our service offer for atmospherically corrected data has been extended: Besides the standard Copernicus Sentinel-2 Level 2A data provided through our DIAS provider and our enterprise-level L2A processing services provided by Vista GmbH, Germany, we now also offer atmospheric correction using the MAJA algorithm version 3.2.2. To access these services, search our Platform Services tab for "S1L2_Backscatter", "S1L2_Coherence" and "S2_L2A_MAJA".

New Food Security TEP platform version 1.9.0

In November 2020, a major update of the Food Security TEP has been released, resulting in platform version 1.9.0.

Some highlights of the latest version are:

  • The platform is now able to handle creation of collections of remote data
  • Security improvements

Moreover, the following improvements are avilable ro users now:

  • GUI app usability improvement
  • Explorer tab visualization functionalities
  • Databasket functionalities improvements
  • job panel functionalities improvements
  • metadata propagation


First Time Users

Quick Start for first time user

In case you are visiting the Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform for the first time, please follow these steps:

New Login screen

Tackling drought issues for food security

"This summer’s drought is a harsh reminder of how unusual weather can cause havoc for farmers – even in a rich part of the world like Western Europe. While there is a wealth of satellite data available to help predict the risk of drought, it can be daunting for a non-expert to handle. ESA’s Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform makes this task much easier."

Read more on what the Food Security TEP can do to support managing droughts in this article on the ESA website.