The Food Security TEP Sponsorship Options

The Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform is developed and managed by a team of research institutes and companies receiving funding from the European Space Agency (ESA). After one year of initial development, the platform became publicly available in Q2 2018 and was providing pre-operational services to its users until the end of 2019. Users of the Food Security TEP during the pre-operational phase were referred to as ‘Early Adopters’ and received sponsoring from ESA for conducting their initial project. For information on the former Early Adopter Program follow this link 

Current Sponsorship options

In 2020, the Food Security TEP has achieved full operations, while new additional platform capabilities are added to the Food Security TEP in an ongoing, agile process driven by its customers and partners.

Since early 2020, a commercial platform services offer is available to all users. Individuals and organizations interested in conducting a scientific or pre-commercial project using Food Security TEP resources and services may request sponsorship from ESA EO Network of Resources (NoR). This can include both, receiving information products from Food Security TEP and integration of their own services or datasets into the platform. 

To understand which service packages are currently available, please visit our online platform services pricelist. For processing services provided by our partners and more specific requests, please contact us via email.

In case you consider applying for sponsorship from ESA EO Network of Resources, we created a guide on the current NoR application process. (You may be required to log into the website to download the document.)

Note that the NoR Portal is currently building up its Platform Service offers beside the existing cloud computing offers, including our offer. Until then please use the ESA NoR submission pages for application submission and ask us for an official quotation on your required platform services. (See further details in our guide mentioned above.)

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