General Platform Services

Starting at
€65 /month
  • Private Storage included
  • Upgrade Options available
  • User Support included
Starting at
  • Bring Your Own Algorithm
  • No Experience Needed
  • Get Personal Support
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  • We host Your Service
  • Share or Publish It
  • Focus on your algorithm
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  • Webinars & Trainings
  • Support upgrades
  • Hackathons

Upon registration, new users are considered "guest" users with 1GB of personal storage that may contact us to receive a limited starting amount of TEP coins (our virtual accounting unit, see below). For details how to register using ESA EO Single-Sign-On please refer to the First Time Users section.

So enhance your Food Security TEP experience and processing capabilities by choosing one of the User Subscription Offers below! Besides increased storage and processing capabilities, you receive benefits like support on using the service developer section (for Expert or Premium Users) and improved technical support response times. If you choose an annual subscription, your first month of plaform usage is free of charge (already included in the service pricing).

Note: Users with an activated user subscription are eligible to Subscription Upgrades listed below.

The current subscriptions offer is only available for a limited time! Contact us and subscribe now to save up to 60%!

Our entry-level Standard User Subscription includes 100 TEP coins and 20GB of private storage plus response to support tickets within 4 normal working days
Monthly subscription
€65(€700 per year)
The Expert User Subscription includes 500 TEP coins, 100GB of storage, support response within 2 normal working days and supported access to the developers section.
Monthly subscription
€210 (€2300 per year)
The Premium User Subscription includes 1500 TEP coins, 300GB of storage, supported access to the developer section and support within 1 normal working day.
Monthly subscription
€490(€5300 per year)

Users with an active User Subscription receive a certain amount of TEP coins each subscription month that they can spend on using the platform and its self-service offers through the Graphical User Interface and the API. TEP coins that are not used within the respective month expire at the end of the month. TEP coins act as an internal accounting unit that can be translated into 0.07 € to 0.09 € per TEP coin unit depending on user subscription type and upgrade bundles. Learn more about the currently available Self-service Offer of the Food Security TEP.Normal working days are all working days, with the exception of weekends and public holidays in Germany and Italy.

Users having access to the developer section by request or because they subscribed to an Expert or Premium User Subscription are able to develop and onboard their own algorithms on the Food Security TEP. On top of that, we offer additional support to users that are integrating their own algorithms or even take care of integrating your algorithm as a processing service.

Note that the service offers include a limited amount of technical support (see below), but that they can be enhanced by additional Support Upgrades.

Support to Self-onboarding of a user-owned algorithm as a shared service (includes 2 hrs of online support).
Integration of a dockerized algorithm by technical team (includes 1 day effort).
Starting from
Integration of services consisting of multiple algorithms. (Please contact us directly if interested in this service)
Coming soon
* Please contact us to receive an algorithm analysis to determine the total cost.

Algorithm owners can request hosting of their algorithm on the Food Security TEP where to be processed data are readily available without need for download. Algorithms hosted on the Food Security TEP will be available as an operational 24/7 web service (“Algo-as-a-Service). A scalable and robust cloud environment allows a large number of users to access it in parallel. The Food Security TEP user interface does allow to run processing services in an automated way, so continuous delivery of data products without a constant need for user interactions is possible.

Algorithm Hosting Offers include direct support from the Food Security TEP operations team which is reachable via email and, during nominal working hours, via phone and instant messaging application. As the service offers include a limited amount of technical support (see below), please note that our offers can be enhanced by additional Support Upgrades.

Note: The ICT costs for the execution of algorithms shared by the respective owners are either covered by users of a shared algorithm service or may be sponsored by the ESA EO Network of Resources. Please contact us for more details.

Hosting of (shared) non-operational processing Algorithm as a Service.
Monthly subscription
Hosting of (non-commercial) publicly available Processing Algorithm as a Service.
Monthly subscription
Please contact us to receive an offer for hosting publicly available commercial services.
Individual offer

Users that have an activate Platform User Subscription can upgrade their account limits by a number of options listed below. Please note that this Subscription Upgrade listing is subject to changes without further notice.

Moreover, Platform User Subscriptions, Algorithm Integration Services and Algorithm Hosting Offers, can be enhanced by adding Technical Support Upgrades to a service order listed in our User Support Services section.

Type of Upgrade Small Price Medium Price Large Price
Processing Upgrade 100 TEP coins €9 1000 TEP coins €80 5000 TEP coins €350
Object Storage Upgrade per month 100 GB €2.50 250 GB €5 1000 GB €18
Block Storage Upgrade per month (on request only) 50 GB €3 200 GB €11 500 GB €25


Currently, the option to buy Food Security TEP services online is not yet available, but please contact sales@food to request your personal offer.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also provides an opportunity to support scientific and pre-commercial R&D projects using the Food Security TEP and other ESA supported cloud platforms. To learn more about the ESA Earth Observation Network of Resources please visit the ESA Sponsorship pages.

To ease your application for sponsorship or the procurement of platform services were are currently onboarding the latest version of the ESA Network of Resources platform. Meanwhile, please access this Guide on how to apply for sponsorship using the ESA EarthNet website.