Food Security TEP Publications

The Food Security TEP project team is actively participating in conferences, trade shows and technical meetings of their user groups. This way, we address potential users and stakeholders in the scientific and technical domain as well as in the agriculture and aquaculture domain.

Publication types:

Material provided by the project team is grouped in different categories for ease of accessing. Food Security TEP videos can be found here

  • Muerth, M. et al. (2019) Food Security TEP: Supporting sustainable intensification of food production from space. Proceedings of the Symposium for Digital Earth 2019, Florence, in preparation
  • Muerth, M. et al. (2019) Supporting the Portfolio Management for Micro-credits to Smallholder Farms in Kenya Through Operational Crop Monitoring on the Food Security TEP. Abstract for the Living Planet Symposium 2019
  • Migdall, S. et al. (2018) ESA's Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform "Supporting Sustainable Food Production from Space". Abstract for ESA PhiWeek 2018
  • Bach, H., Mauser, W. (2018)  Sustainable Agriculture and SmartFarming. In: Mathieu PP., Aubrecht C. (eds) Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation. ISSI Scientific Report Series, vol 15. Springer, Cham
  • Bach, H. et al. (2017) Food Security - Thematic Exploitation Platform: Big data for sustainable food production. Proceedings of Big Data in Space 2017, Toulouse, p.461