User Support Services

The Food Security TEP Operations Team provides a number of free resources to inform our users, like a an online user manual and free tutorials as well as regular online events for specific user groups that explain in detail how the different platform functionalities and processing services are used. But for our customers, the Food Security TEP service offer includes different individual support service packages listed here.

Webinars are one hour sessions with a specific focus which can be extended with practical demonstrations. Trainings are either online or on-site events of 3 to 8 hours that may contain tailored examples and demonstrations and/or hands-on practical sessions.

R&D Challenges (or hackathons) using the Food Security TEP are community events to create new ideas and applications based on EO data. Our services can provide you all the background information and materials for your own event and also can provide hands-on support for organizers running events on the Food Security TEP.

On top of that, our consultancy & technical support services assist you, so you can both plan and implement your next project with the Food Security TEP and will be informed how to integrate your own software, datasets and services.

Starting at
€800 /hour
  • Choose your focus
  • theory & practice
  • unlimited participants
Starting at
  • online or on-site
  • topical focus possible
  • flexible rates
Starting at
  • organize your own
  • platform & materials
  • different support options
Starting at
  • consult our experts
  • get tech support
  • at flexible conditions

The Food Security TEP team is regularly giving public or user-group specific webinars for scientists, service providers and potential customers. Organizations or individuals interested in getting specific information or training about the use of the Food Security TEP at their preferred dates may request one of our webinar services.

We offer dedicated webinars aimed at three types of platform users. These webinars can be scheduled according to your wishes and may be held as either closed sessions or public events according to the customer’s need.

Webinars (ca. 1 hour) may be extended by an optional practical session. The current offering includes three different webinars for (a) General Platform Users, (b) Code/Service Developers and (c) Data/Service Providers. Contact us for more details about the different webinar options.

Aims at domain scientist, downstream users, general public - Focus on ESA/Copernicus clouds, user interface, available services & data, acquiring services - optional practical session (1h) introduces typical use cases (+ €600) - includes Q&A and general discussion
€800/1 hr
Aims at code and service developers interested to develop new services on FS-TEP – Focus on setting up a new processing service with the platform’s Docker UI and Jupyter Notebooks – includes exercise: Exposing Sentinel2 timeseries analysis as new service
€1,400 /2 hrs
Aims at scientists or managers interested to publish data or services on FS-TEP - Focus on cloud federation, available tools & input data, support services, business models, interoperability – optional extension (1h) to discuss user specific data / service hosting interests (+ €600) – includes Q&A and general discussion
€800/1 hr

The core of our training offers are the contents also available as webinars, but enriched with dedicated practical hands-on sessions, longer time slots for Q&A and prepaid subscriptions (1 month) for the training participants. (Additional participants of Training Package M or L need additional standard user subscriptions.) Medium or Large Training packages can be customized to the respective audience and include hands-on training for code/service development on the Food Security TEP.

Contact us for details about the different training options.

(up to 12 students, maximum 3 hours) – includes content of Webinars (a) or (c) and (b) plus a demo of platform capabilities
(up to 15 students, maximum 6 hours) - includes sessions on all relevant webinar themes plus one platform demonstration and one hands-on code deployment session
€4,000 /Event
(up to 30 students, max 8 hrs on max 2 days) - includes sessions on all relevant webinar themes plus separate/split hands-on sessions (platform capabilities & code deployment) including tailored examples and guidance for a specific type of application

Hackathons and more generally R&D Challenges are excellent events to engage with the scientific and commercial community to facilitate the development of new ideas and solutions. As the Food Security TEP is an EO Platform Service that provides an excellent tool for sharing ideas and digital content and for co-developing new services and datasets, we offer different service packages for hackathon organizers. The basis of our offer is self-service event package that includes many important materials for would-be organizers. Besides marketing materials, the self-service packages includes a detailed facilitator guide and templates for participant materials. On top of that, we offer you remote support for specific tasks or a full service package where the Food Security TEP team provides full support to hackathon organizers.

Package of R&D Challenge materials including documents and templates for + Understanding a hackathon + Planning a hackathon + Hackathon Timeline + Graphics & Checklists
practical remote support by the hour provided to organizers to assist with + logistics & planning + running of event activities + and similar supporting tasks
€139 /hour
full package that includes + all pre-event logistics + up to 30 monthly user subscriptions + running of event activities for 2 ½ days by the Food Security TEP team
Starting at

On top of our platform services and the knowledge based services mentioned above, the Food Security TEP Operations Team also provides user support to the technical integration of their services and data as well as consultancy for exploiting the platform and its services. Platform users may add the following personal support services to their service request:

By the hour support, e.g. for adding new functionality, uploading data or adjusting the platform to integrate existing services; May be added on top of Algorithm Onboarding packages and similar
Starting at
Daily package, e.g. for adding new functionality, uploading data or adjusting the platform to integrate existing services; May be added on top of Algorithm Onboarding packages and similar
€1099 /day
Consultancy by our EO, business and platform specialists, e.g. on business model and exploitation strategy, implementation of specific services and EO applications for agriculture and aquaculture

Requesting an Offer

Currently, the option to buy Food Security TEP services online is not yet available, but please contact sales@food to request your personal offer.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also provides an opportunity to support scientific and pre-commercial R&D projects using the Food Security TEP and other ESA supported cloud platforms. To learn more about the ESA Earth Observation Network of Resources please visit the ESA Sponsorship pages.

To ease your application for sponsorship or the procurement of platform services were are currently onboarding the latest version of the ESA Network of Resources platform. Meanwhile, please access this Guide on how to apply for sponsorship using the ESA EarthNet website.