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crop mapping

I would like to do crop mapping using sentinel 1 over large scale area and I need to do mosaic of sentinel 1. so the question now how to tho choose the dates of the products, angle of incidene 

Dear ghazalphds,
Dear ghazalphds, choosing date and AOI is a base functionality when discovering data as well as the following parameters Collection: Sentinel-1 / Product date: ? / AOI: POLYGON((....)) / Identifier (Product identifier string) / Semantic Search (e.g. Italy 2019) / Product type (e.g. GRD) / Processing Level: L1/2 / Orbit direction: Asc./Desc. I don't know about S1 data types, but if incident angle is coded in the file name, you could use the "Identifier" parameter to discover specific angles. Moreover, you could try semantic search, although that parameter mostly understands geographical infomation.
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