2.3 Using Databaskets

A databasket is a collection of products, usually from a search result. They allow results to be grouped for processing together of for sharing with other users.

Databaskets can be created directly from the outputs of a search result, using the following symbols along the top of the data panel:


Adds all search results to the selected databasket


Adds only the selected items to the selected databasket

Allows a user to select one of the existing databaskets.

Creates a new databasket, as shown in the figure below.


Databaskets can be managed from the databasket tab of the data panel. By selecting the appropriate symbol the user can:


Add a new databasket

Clear all products in a databasket


Edit the name and description of a databasket


Share a databasket - see also section 4

Create a new copy of a databasket


Show the product footprints on the geobrowser map


Open the databasket in the manage/share interface - see section 4


The user can also double click on a databasket to see a list of the products in that databasket, and to remove individual products, as in the figure below: